The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Arrest of senior ISIS official in Al-Hawl camp raises questions regarding the presence of ISIS commanders, weapons and ammunition in the camp

The forces participating in the large-scale campaign in Al-Hawl camp in the far south-eastern region of Al-Hasaakah have announced the arrest of Abu Mohammed Al-Jomaily today, March 31. Al-Jomaily was born in 1959 in the Iraqi city of Al-Anbar, and he had worked for Al-Qaeda in Iraq, before he joined ISIS and served as a Sharia Emir (senior sharia commander) and mufti until he hid among the inhabitants of Al-Hawl camp.


The arrest of Al-Jomaily has raised several questions regarding the presence of ISIS officials and commanders for such long time in the camp which is supposed to host refugees, displaced people and families (children and women only) of ISIS members. Then, how could these commanders as well as weapons, ammunition and devices enter the camp?! And why were the forces in charge of the camp not aware of such violations?!


A few hours ago, SOHR activists said that the large-security campaign continued in “Al-Hawl mini-state”, located in the south-eastern countryside of al-Hasaka for the fourth day in a row by joint forces comprising over 5,000 fighters of Syria Democratic Forces, People’s Protection Units (YPG), Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), Internal Security Forces (Asayish) and Counter-Terrorism Special Units (H.A.T.), with logistical support by the International Coalition forces.


According to Syrian Observatory sources, the joint forces arrested more than 65 people in the first three days, mostly of non-Syrian nationalities, including 29 women, and others were also arrested and soon released after the investigation.


In addition, the joint forces confiscated weapons and equipment from the camp, which has become a “mini-state” in which ISIS cells move freely, amid widespread corruption by the camp’s guards, as many weapons and tunnels were found inside the camp.