Russian-backed Syrian mercenaries in Libya | Return of Syrian fighters recruited by "Wagner Company" is still suspended • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russian-backed Syrian mercenaries in Libya | Return of Syrian fighters recruited by “Wagner Company” is still suspended

In light of the suspension of the return of Turkish-backed Syrian mercenaries from Libya. Similarly, the return of Russian-backed Syrian mercenaries is still suspended, who were recruited by the Russian company Wagner and sent to serve Russian interests on Libyan territory in return for money.

Russia is exploiting Syria’s disastrous living conditions, and taking advantage of the young men and men’s need for work, where some 2,000 Russian-backed fighters still in Libya.

On February 19, reliable SOHR sources confirmed the death of a Syrian mercenary affiliated to the Russian-backed security companies, succumbing to his wounds sustained a few days ago in Libya, as he remained in the hospital for a few days before he died on February 14.

According to local sources, the dead fighter was aged 50 and he hails from Al-Suwaidaa province. The Syrian fighter had joined the Russian-backed mercenaries due to his poor living condition.

Accordingly, the number of Syrian mercenaries recruited by the Russian company of “Wagner” and killed later in Libya has risen to 8

On February 4, Observatory sources documented the death of seven Syrian mercenaries recruited previously by the Russian company of “Wagner” and sent to Libya to protect oil installations and other facilities. The seven Syrian fighters were killed by a landmine explosion in a car distributing food in Libya. The fatalities were: six fighters from Homs and its countryside, and one fighter from Al-Ariqa in Al-Suwaidaa countryside.

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