The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ceasefire violations | Regime forces and rebels trade fire in southern Idlib

SOHR sources have reported frequent flights by Russian reconnaissance drones over Jabal Al-Akrad in north Latakia countryside since yesterday evening. On the other hand, the areas of Al-Bara, Al-Faterah and Fulayfel in Jabal Al-Zawiyah in the southern countryside of Idlib experienced exchange of rocket and machinegun fire between regime forces and opposition factions. Also, regime forces shelled positions in the surrounding areas of Qulaydin and Al-Ankawi in Sahl Al-Ghab in north-west Hama in the early hours of Sunday morning, but no casualties have been reported.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that the factions fired several rockets on regime positions on Al-Dar Al-Kabira frontline in the southern countryside of Idlib. Meanwhile, regime forces shelled areas in the outskirts of al-Barra, Kansafra, Sfuhen, Fleifel and Benin in the southern countryside of Idlib, but no casualties were reported, amid ongoing flights by reconnaissance drones over the “de-escalation zone”, particularly Idlib and Jabal Al-Akrad in Latakia countryside.