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Ain Issa | SDF foil infiltration attempt by Turkish forces and proxy factions

Al-Raqqah Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: SOHR activists have reported clashes in the early hours of Sunday morning on frontlines of Sayda and Mu’allaq in northern Al-Raqqah, between Syria Democratic Forces on one hand, and Turkish forces and their proxy factions on the other, following an attempt by Turkish forces and the factions to sneak to SDF positions. The clashes were accompanied by exchange of shelling. However, SDF managed to foil the infiltration attempt and no casualties have been reported. Meanwhile, tense calm is prevailing in the region.


On March 27, reliable SOHR sources said that Turkish forces handed over seven bodies of fighters of the SDF-backed “Al-Raqqah Military Council”, who were killed three days earlier in infiltration operation on Ain Issa frontlines by the Turkish-backed faction of “Suleiman Shah”, headed by Mohamed Al-Jasim “Abu Amshah”. On that day, a group of “Suleiman Shah” sneaked at night into Debes village, nearly four kilometres away from Ain Issa town in northern Al-Raqqah, with the help of agents of “Al-Raqqah Military Council”, where the group killed eight members of “Al-Raqqah Military Council”, dragged the bodies of seven fatalities and seized their weapons.


According to SOHR sources, SDF allowed the Turkish-backed factions to retrieve the bodies of some of affiliated fighters who were killed in earlier clashes on Ain Issa frontlines.

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