Drone attack | Turkish drone strike vehicle in Al-Malikiyah countryside (Dayrik) • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Drone attack | Turkish drone strike vehicle in Al-Malikiyah countryside (Dayrik)

Al-Hasakah Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: SOHR sources have reported that a Turkish drone attacked a mechanised digger while working in a quarry extracting sand in Derka Bravi village in Al-Malikiyyah countryside, near Tigris river and near the Syria-Turkey border. The attack, which took place yesterday, resulted in the burn of the mechanised digger, but no casualties have been reported.


On March 25, SOHR sources reported an attack on the village of Karki Zira on the Syria-Turkey border in the north-eastern countryside of al-Qamishli, with medium machinegun fire by Turkish forces from inside Turkey’s territory, while children were grazing cattle in the area. The attack resulted in the death of about ten pieces of livestock, amid popular discontent of the repeated Turkish attack on the area.


While on March 6, SOHR sources reported gunfire from Turkish territory targeting Shourk village on the Syria-Turkey border in Amuda countryside in Al-Hasakah province, which is under the control of Syria Democratic Forces and hosts regime positions. The Turkish attack ignited popular anger among the village’s residents. According to SOHR sources, a Russian patrol of two armoured vehicles headed to the village to check the situation there.

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