The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

ISIS’ largest kidnapping operation in the desert | ISIS releases 46 people, while 13 others are still detained

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has obtained new details about ISIS’ surprise attack in Aqirbat area in eastern Hama countryside in the Syrian desert.

SOHR sources have reported that the missing, numbering about 40 people, were kidnapped by the group. The total number of those kidnapped by the Islamic State from the Zweineh area on Tuesday, has reached 59 people, including police officers, collaborators with the regime’s security services and civilians.

Syrian Observatory sources added that the group released 46 people, while 13 police officers and collaborators with the regime’s security services are still detained.

A local member of the security services was also killed in injuries he sustained, after being shot by ISIS members, amid reports of more fatalities among police members and local gunmen.

It is worth noting that yesterday’s operation was the largest kidnapping ever since ISIS activities escalated in the Syrian desert.