The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

26 IS member die in airstrikes carried out by the coalition aircrafts on Ayn Isa area and its vicinity

Al-Raqqah Province:

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights had been informed that the “Islamic State” arrested a man today near the al-Na’eem  roundabout in the city of Al-Raqqah , sources confirmed that “al-Hisba” members of IS saw that man drinking water during the fasting period, they arrested him although the man told ” al-Hisba ” members that he was suffering from diseases that prevent him from fasting. The Observatory also was informed that at least 26 bodies of “Islamic State” reached the town of Raqqa, most of them of Syrian nationality who were killed in airstrikes carried out the coalition aircrafts on the Ayn Isa area in the northern countryside of Al-Raqqah , where bodies of some of them arrived in form of pieces.