Ninth anniversary of Deir Ba'labah massacre | Residents demonstrate in Idlib city • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ninth anniversary of Deir Ba’labah massacre | Residents demonstrate in Idlib city

SOHR activists have monitored several residents staging a vigil in Al-Saba’ Baharat square in Idlib city on the ninth anniversary of the massacre committed by regime forces in Deir Ba’labah in Homs city.


The demonstrators lifted placards with slogans on them reads “Deir Ba’labah massacre is one of thousands of massacres committed by regime forces – Where is the world’s conscience towards massacres committed by the Syrian regime – We will continue our Revolution in support of our martyrs”.


It is worth noting that hundreds of civilians, mostly women and children, were subjected to mass executions by regime forces and loyalists in Homs Deir Ba’labah neighbourhood in central Syria.

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