The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Clashes renew in the north of Homs, a young man whipped in Palmyra and detonating a shrine in it

Homs Province:

Clashes took place after midnight between the Jabhat al- Nusra, the rebel and Islamic battalions against the regime forces and allied militiamen in the west of the city of Talbisah in north of Homs, information reported casualties on both sides.


The Islamic battalions targeted after midnight by artillery regime positions in al- Holi area, information reported casualties.


The regime forces opened fire on the orchards of the neighborhood of al- Wa’er in the city of Homs.


IS whipped a man in the city of Palmyra for “alcohol promotion”, where they whipped him in front of the public, including children. They also detonated a “shrine” in Palmyra area in the east of Homs, where they mined and detonated it completely on pretext of “removing the landmarks of polytheism”