"King of the Kingdom of Sheikh al-Hadid" | "Abu Amsha" turns from rebel against regime into occupier of Kurds' properties • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“King of the Kingdom of Sheikh al-Hadid” | “Abu Amsha” turns from rebel against regime into occupier of Kurds’ properties

The commander of “Sultan Suleiman Shah” faction Mohammed al-Jassim, known as “Abu Amsha”, started his military career by firing Grad missiles at regime-held areas, and then became king of the “Kingdom” of Sheikh Al-Hadid in the countryside of Afrin.

In 2013, “Abu Amsha” bragged about the rockets he fired at areas held by the Syrian regime in Hama countryside, originating from his position in the village of Al-Fuqay’e in Jabal Shahshabo, west of Hama, targeting villages and towns inhabited by Alawite community, and others inhabited by Christians.

His missiles sometimes hit Hama airport, and according to SOHR sources, Abu Amsha was photographing his military operations at the time in order to get material support, as he tried to portray himself as a revolutionary hero who owned a faction called the “Fire Line Brigade.”

It is worth noting that the Tahrir al-Sham, “Jabhat al-Nusra” formerly, pursued Abu Amsha in Hama countryside, on charges of corruption, misappropriation of funds and banditry, after which al-Jassim went to Turkey and then returned and joined the forces of the “occupation” of Afrin, where his violations started against the people of the region and their properties, until he set himself as king of the kingdom of Sheikh al-Hadid in rural Afrin and started many projects with suspicious funds.

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