The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Fuel crisis | Regime authorities raise price of petrol once again

In light of the deteriorating fuel crisis throughout Syria, the Syrian regime’s Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection has issued a new decree, raising the price of petrol, as the ministry set the new price of petrol (octane 95) at all petrol stations in regime-controlled areas at 2,500 per litre (0.787 USD). It is worth noting that the petrol had been sold for 2,000 per litre before the recent increase.


On the other hand, chronic crises and dire living conditions have been still plaguing all areas under the control of the Syrian regime, including the frequent power outages, the interruption of water for long hours every day, long lines before bread bakeries and stores providing food and essential products at state-subsidized prices. Meanwhile, the regime government is still unable to find workable solutions to put an end to these crises and disastrous living conditions, as a starvation is looming.


On April 12, SOHR sources reported that dire living conditions continued in regime-held areas, and with the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, the suffering of Syrians who used to buy Ramadan supplies exacerbates, and with the astronomical rise in commodity prices and the lack of job opportunities, the people became unable to buy their daily needs, as the situation worsened. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored increasing and growing queues of people in front of bread bakeries across the regime-held areas, as well as the ongoing living crises, including fuel crisis, the power outages for long hours, as well as the water cut ff almost completely in some cities and neighbourhoods.