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Rocket fire | Turkish forces and their proxies shell positions in Ain Issa, injuring many

Al-Raqqah Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: SOHR sources have reported renewed rocket fire this afternoon by Turkish forces and their proxy faction, which targeted positions in Sayda village in Ain Issa countryside and other areas in Ain Issa district in northern Al-Raqqah. According to SOHR sources, the bombardment targeted a petrol station on the western outskirts of Ain Issa, which injured three people and burned down an oil truck.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that Turkish forces and their proxy factions shelled positions in Sayda village and in Ain Issa countryside as well as positions on Al-Hasakah-Aleppo international highway running through the region. However, no casualties were reported.


On Friday, SOHR sources reported that Turkish forces and their proxy factions shelled positions, with heavy weapons, in Hawashan and Dibs villages and Al-Hasakah-Aleppo international highway (M4) in the west of Ain Issa district in the northern countryside of Al-Raqqah. No casualties were reported. It is worth noting that this bombardment came after over five days of tense calm on these frontlines.


On April 10, SOHR sources reported that SDF were put on high alert in Ain Issa area and entire frontlines there, along with brining in heavy weapons and artillery pieces to the back lines, for unknown reasons.


This development came after the recent infiltration attempt by Turkish-backed factions on the previous day.


A day earlier, SOHR sources reported clashes with machineguns between SDF and Turkish-backed factions following an infiltration attempt by the factions into Jadidah village near M4 highway in Ain Issa countryside in Al-Raqqah countryside. The clashes coincided with shelling by Turkish forces and their proxy factions on the villages of Jadidah and Sayda and other positions in the east of Ain Issa district. No casualties were reported.