The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Intensive bombardment | Regime forces target positions in nearly 20 towns and villages in Hama and Idlib with over 150 rockets and artillery shells

SOHR sources have reported that regime forces fired over 155 rockets and artillery shells on the “de-escalation zone” in the early hours of Tuesday morning, targeting positions in Al-Ziyyarah, Al-Sarmaniyyah, Kherbet Al-Naqous, Al-Qahera, the surrounding areas of Qulaydeen, Al-Ankawi, in Sahl Al-Ghab in the north-western countryside of Hama, Bayanin, Sarjeh, Deir Sonbol, Al-Mawzarah, Al-Bara, Kansafrah, Fulayfil, Al-Faterah, Kafr Oweid, Bazabour and the outskirts of Al-Bara in the southern countryside of Idlib.


The intensive bombardment, which coincided with frequent flights by Russian aircraft over the area, caused material damage, but no casualties have been reported.


Yesterday, SOHR sources said that jihadist factions and the “Al-Fath al-Mubin” operations room targeted, with heavy weapons and homemade rockets, regime positions on frontline of Al-Malaja village and the surrounding areas of Kafr Nebl in south Idlib countryside, but no casualties were reported. Furthermore, regime forces shelled the villages of Sfuhen, Al-Mozara and Kafr Oweid in Jabal al-Zawiya in Idlib countryside, Al-Ziyara, Al-Qahira, Sarmaniyah and Dweer al-Akrad in Sahl Al-Ghab north-west of Hama.


SOHR sources had reported that a young man was killed and another was injured in drone attack near the village of Khirbet al-Naqous in Sahl Al-Ghab, while they were fishing in al-Assi River. Meanwhile, five people, including rebels, were injured in shelling by regime forces on al-Fatira village in south Idlib countryside.