The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al-Mayadeen | Iranian forces and their proxies prevent residents of al-Tamou neighbourhood to return to their houses for nearly 42 months

SOHR sources have reported growing popular anger among the residents of al-Tamou neighbourhood in Al-Mayadeen city in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor over the Iranian-backed militias’ rejection of the return of these residents to their houses. It is worth noting that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Iranian-backed forces have seized all houses in al-Tamou neighbourhood since November 2017.


Since the Iranian-backed militias took over the neighbourhood, they turned many of the civilians’ houses into headquarters, while the other houses used as residence for the Iranian-backed militiamen’s families, as the militias prevents civilians and combatants of other militias from entering the neighbourhood. The militias also use the neighbourhood’s mosque as a private mosque for their members, where the Shiite Azan is used and Shiite ritual is practiced.


Reliable sources have told SOHR that most of the neighbourhood’s residents living in Deir Ezzor city have agreed on entrusting ten people of them as representatives. However, when these representatives met with IRGC commanders, asking them to allow the neighbourhood’s residents to return to their houses, the commanders refused under the pretext that “they are present in the area for the glorious duty of jihad”. The commanders also asked the residents to embrace the “jihadists”, the Iranian-backed militiamen.


It is worth noting that the people of al-Tamou neighbourhood are forced to rent houses in other areas in the city, while others have been forced to displace to other Syrian province.