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As “humanitarian truce” ends | Tense calm prevails in Al-Qamishli city

Al-Hasakah Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: SOHR activists have reported tense calm prevailing throughout Al-Qamishli city in Al-Hasakah province following the ceasefire, the “humanitarian truce”, imposed in al-Tayy neighbourhood, as no breaches have been monitored since the early hours of Saturday morning.


It is worth noting that the ceasefire, which agreed on being valid from yesterday evening to this morning, exactly 10:00 am, has ended, while negotiations are still underway. According to initial reports, the Russians want the regime forces and police to enter al-Tayy neighbourhood, while the Internal Security Forces (Asayish) refuse.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that the Russians and Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) reached a temporary humanitarian truce stipulating for a ceasefire in Tayy neighbourhood in al-Qamishli. The truce would come into effect from Friday at 7:00 pm until Saturday at 10:00 am.


The Syrian Observatory had monitored a violation of the truce, as the National Defence Forces stationed in posts in the south of the railway in southern al-Qamishli shelled Asayish Forces’ posts in Halko neighbourhood with RPGs.


A few hours earlier, SOHR sources reported that Asayish Forces managed to capture the entire neighbourhoods of Tayy and Halkou by capturing all NDF posts and positions in four days, after fierce clashes and despite the Russian attempts to reach a ceasefire. According to SOHR sources, groups of NDF members withdrew from their positions to the military regiment on the southern outskirts of Tayy neighbourhood, while other groups withdrew to the villages of Jarmaz, Dayyanah, Hammo and al-Qusayr which are under the control of NDF in al-Qamishli countryside. On the other hand, Asayish Forces were carrying out combing operations in Tayy neighbourhood and on its outskirts.


Rreliable sources in al-Qamishli city had reported that Asayish Forces captured a large part of Tayy neighbourhoods, which was under the control of the National Defence Forces. According to SOHR sources, Asayish Forces also managed to take the control of the entire neighbourhood of Halkou neighboring, as well as capturing posts and positions in Tayy neighbourhoods. The clashes were concentrated in the southern parts of the neighbourhood and some western parts to the roundabout and bridge of Tayy neighbourhood, as Asayish Forces were attempting to capture the entire neighbourhood.


SOHR sources reported a few hours earlier continued clashes between the Internal Security Forces “Asayish”, and the National Defense Forces (NDF), in the neighborhoods of al-Tayy and Halko in the city of al-Qamishli. According to SOHR sources, the Asayish forces managed to advance into the two neighborhoods. In Hilko, Asayish forces managed to take control of Ibn Sina School and telephone exchange offices, as they became very close to the NDF checkpoint of the National Hospital. While in al-Tayy neighbourhood, Asayish Forces took control of the military security detachment in the neighborhood, after regime forces entered the neighbourhood, evacuated the members stationed there and withdrew to Tartab regiment, south of al-Qamishli. The Asayish forces seek to end the presence of the National Defense as an influential power in residential areas in al-Qamishli, and by doing so, the National Defense will keep their presence only in headquarters in the security zone and villages on the outskirts of al-Qamishli.


Meanwhile, the “Martyrs Families Foundation” of the Autonomous Administration announced that Sheikh Hayes al-Jaryan, a member of the Asayish affiliated department of clans’ relations, was killed. The man’s body will be buried in his village according to his will. It’s worth mentioning that al-Jaryan had a son who was killed while fighting alongside the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).

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