The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

As they lost two neighbourhoods and expelled from the security square | National Defense Forces’ presence completely ends in al-Qamishli city

Al-Hasakah governorate:

SOHR activists have reported that the presence of the National Defense Forces in the city of al-Qamishli has completely ended, after they were removed by regime forces from the security square area, specifically from their headquarters, the “old national hospital”, where they were replaced by Military Security forces.

With their loss of positions in the Halko and Al-Tay neighbourhoods, the presence of National Defence in the city has ended. However, they are now stationed only on the southern and south-eastern outskirts of al-Qamishli.

Moreover, Syrian Observatory activists have monitored civilians gathering at al-Sekka roundabout at the new Asaish checkpoint in preparation for their entry into the Tay neighbourhood in al-Qamishli, after they forced to flee their homes due to the bloody events in the last few days.