The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Growing tension | Regime forces fire several rockets on town near the occupied Syrian Golan, while residents flee from the town

Al-Quneitra Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: SOHR activists have monitored growing tension in al-Quneitra near the border with the occupied Syrian Golan, as regime forces have fired several rockets in the early hours of Saturday morning, targeting positions in Um Batna town in the middle countryside of al-Quneitra under the pretext that “yesterday’s attack on Jaba checkpoint was launched from Um Batna town.


On the other hand, several residents were seen fleeing from Um Batna town for fear of a security campaign by regime forces in the town, especially since regime forces gave a deadline of only a few hours before storming that town.


It is worth noting that Jaba checkpoint, which came under attack yesterday, is located near Tel al-Koroum where Iranian-backed militias and the Lebanese Hezbollah are stationed.


Last night, SOHR sources reported that unknown gunmen attacked a military post of regime forces nearby Jaba village in al-Quneitra countryside, near the border with the occupied Syrian Golan. No casualties were reported.


On April 20, SOHR sources said that unidentified gunmen shot dead two soldiers of the regime’s 112th Brigade in Ghadir al-Bustan area in al-Quneitra countryside near the occupied Syrian Golan.