Daily death toll | 16 people killed across Syria yesterday • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Daily death toll | 16 people killed across Syria yesterday

A farmer was killed due to the explosion of an old landmine in his car in the regime-controlled town of al-Rahjan of Salamiyyah area in the eastern countryside of Hama.


A little girl was killed in rockets fire on Afrin city and its outskirts. However, it is not known yet if regime forces or Kurdish forces fired these rockets.


A civilian was killed in the village of Al-Burj, which is administratively part of Al-Bab city east of Aleppo, while resisting members of pro-Turkey factions who attacked his land.


A man killed his wife in Kafrghan village in Azaz city in the northern countryside of Aleppo.


A man was killed, as a man stormed a house in al-Fu’ah town in areas under the control of Hayyaat Tahrir al-Sham and opposition factions in Idlib countryside, where he opened fire on people in this house.


A young man working in al-Rawi bread bakery in al-Busayrah city was shot dead by a man who wanted to get bread by force before his turn.


Two people were killed in a motorcycle-bomb explosion in Sluk town in al-Raqqah countryside. The fatalities were a Turkish-backed militiaman and the motorcycle driver whose identity remained unknown.


A top officer of the 22nd Air-Defense Brigade in regime forces was shot dead  by unknown gunmen near Al-Bashayer station on the road between Izraa’ city and Sheikh Miskeen in the eastern countryside of Daraa.


A member of the 4th Division died affected by the injury he had in an armed attack, over a week ago, nearby Tel Shehab in the western countryside of Daraa. It is worth noting that this member’s escort was killed immediately in the attack.


Two members of the military security services died affected by the injury they had due to an armed attack by unknown gunmen on their car in Sayda town in eastern Daraa on Saturday, bringing the number of members of the military security services who were killed in this attack to three.


Four regime soldiers and loyalists were killed in an attack by ISIS members in Palmyra countryside in east Homs desert.

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