The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Al-Fu’ah explosion | Many killed and injured in explosion of jihadists’ warehouse

Idlib Province: Reliable sources have told SOHR that the explosion which occurred near al-Furousiyyah refugee camp in al-Fu’ah area in the north-east of Idlib was caused by an explosion in a warehouse belonging to jihadi groups, where shells and IEDs are manufactured.


According to SOHR sources, the explosion resulted in the death of two fighters and a woman who was passing by the site of the explosion, while six other people from the camp, including women and children, sustained injuries. Reports have suggested that the explosion, which resulted in the destruction of the warehouse, was caused by an aerial attack.


A few hours ago, SOHR activists in several areas in Idlib reported hearing a loud explosion in al-Fu’ah area in the north-east of Idlib, as a large plum of smoke was seen in the area. While uncertainty was surrounding the nature of the explosion, as it was not known if it was caused by an attack or the explosion of weapons and ammunition warehouses.