The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Chronic crises | Unaffordable prices and long queues continue in regime-held areas, despite appreciation of Syrian currency against US dollar

In the recent time, the value of the Syrian lira has been lightly improved against the foreign currency, after the record low the Syrian currency hit in the past few months, which led to considerable increase in prices of all goods, particularly food and essential products.


In Damascus, the selling rate has reached 3,070 SYP and the buying rate is 2,970 SYP against the dollar, while 3,688 SYP for selling and 3,563 SYP for buying against the euro.


In Idlib and areas in Aleppo countryside, however, the selling rate is 370 SYP and the buying rate is 353 SYP against Turkish lira.


On the other hand, the price of one gram of 21 carat gold has reached 154,000 SYP per gram in Damascus.


Despite the noticeable improvement in the value of the Syrian pound, the prices are still unaffordable. Also, fuel crisis continues throughout regime-held areas, especially with the high prices in black markets, as the fuel prices in regime-held areas are as follows:


  • Petrol: nearly 6,000 SYL per litre


  • Oil: nearly 2,300 SYL per litre


  • A gas cylinder: nearly 45,000 SYL


Moreover, residents have been still seen awaiting in long queues in front of bread bakeries, not to mention the ongoing crises of electricity and drinking water.