The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Israeli attacks | nearly 20 people killed and wounded in airstrikes on Latakia and Hama

SOHR sources have reported a new Israeli attack on Syria, the tenth in 2021, as Israeli airstrikes hit military positions of regime forces and Iranian-backed militias in both countryside of Hama and Latakia in the early hours of Wednesday morning.


In Hama, the airstrikes hit weapons and ammunition warehouses in mountains and forests in the area of Deir Shmail in the western countryside of Hama near the administrative border with Latakia. While in Latakia, several airstrikes hit military headquarters, weapons and ammunition warehouses in the south of al-Haffa. The Israeli airstrikes have left nearly 14 people injured and destroyed warehouses.


It is worth noting that Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) go frequently to the warehouse area in Deir Shmail. Also, the regime’s air-defences attempted to intercept the Israeli missiles and shot down some, but the rest missiles have reached their targets.


On the other hand, one civilian was killed and over five others, including a woman and three children, were injured as well as the destruction of a building, but it was not known if it was a warehouse or a workshop, in Ras Shamra and Ras al-Ain in Latakia countryside. However, it is not known if Israeli missiles or shrapnel of the missiles of the regime’s air-defences left these casualties and caused the material damage.


On April 22, SOHR activists documented the death of a regime officer due to the Israeli strikes on the air-defence base in Al-Dumayr area in the east of Damascus. Also, three soldiers of regime forces stationed in the base sustained serious injuries. The rockets destroyed several air-defence batteries and left casualties among the Air-Defence forces. Meanwhile, air-defence systems launched several surface-to-air missiles, attempting to intercept the Israeli rockets, as they managed to shoot down several rockets. It is worth noting that Israel acknowledged of the attack claiming that it came as “a response to the fall of a surface-to-air missile on the Occupied Syrian Golan”. The area of Dumayr hosts headquarters and weapons warehouses belonging to the Iranian-backed militias.