The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Afrin | Man and Five children injured in IED explosion

Aleppo province: A man and five children were injured, after an IED planted in a car exploded, in al-Mahmoudiya neighbourhood in Afrin city, in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

Yesterday, SOHR reported that civilians found two unidentified bodies in Afrin region, which is held by Turkish forces and proxy factions. According to SOHR activists, the two bodies were found with marks of torture and gunshot wounds, as they were found on agricultural land near the village of Al-Furaira in Jendires district, west of Afrin.

On May 3, SOHR activists reported an armed attack by unknown assailants, in the early hours of Monday morning, on a checkpoint of a faction operating under the banner of the Turkish-backed “National Army” in Sharran district in Afrin countryside in north-western Aleppo. Clashes erupted between the attackers and the members stationed at the checkpoint, as the attackers managed to escape after they had killed two members of the Turkish-backed faction.