The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Explosions of old ordnance | Five children among seven people killed in Rif Dimashq and al-Suwaidaa in 24 hours

A young man was killed and another was wounded while they were grazing cattle, after an old landmine exploded in Harasta al-Qantara village in al-Nashabiyah district in eastern Ghouta, in Rif Dimashq.

Earlier today, SOHR activists documented the death of a man and his three little daughters after an old landmine blew up a car that they were travelling on in Wadi Maliha al-Atash in the eastern countryside of Daraa. It is worth noting that the man worked in grazing cattle in the area.

Yesterday, SOHR activists reported the explosion of an old landmine in an abandoned house in Aftarees area in the middle part of eastern Ghouta. The explosion killed two children who were playing in this house.

Syrian Observatory activists have documented the death of 527 people, including 77 women and 168 children, by mines and IED explosions and the collapse of cracked residential buildings in several areas of the Syrian territory in Homs, Hama, Deir Ezzor, Aleppo and the Syrian South since early January 2019.

Among the total death toll, there are 126 persons, including 47 women and six children, who were killed during their search and collection of the truffle which grows in the areas that is subjected to heavy rain, and it is sold at very high prices.