Autonomous Administration Vice-President Badran Jiya Kurd: By measures and time, elections wouldn’t bring • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Autonomous Administration Vice-President Badran Jiya Kurd: By measures and time, elections wouldn’t bring

 suitable solution for Syria…. Turkish occupation divides and the regime prepares for unconstitutional elections
Nearly 26 requests for running to the Syrian Presidential elections that are scheduled to start on May 26 have been submitted to and have waited for the People Assembly’s approval after the period of applying for the candidacy ends.
While the doors are to close for more applications, criticism and accusations against the regime have been rising by the opposition that absolutely rejected taking part in the balloting process deeming it as “illegal and unconstitutional.”
The Autonomous Administration has warned against holding the coming presidential elections.
Badran Jiya Kurd, Vice-President of the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria told the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) in an exclusive interview that “the crisis in Syria is complicated in light of the absence of a political solution. The general conditions in Syria are not suitable for running the presidential elections in the current time.”
Jiya stressed that “the political solution in Syria is still absent especially in light of several factors including complete international efforts stalemate, indifference regarding the international decisions, division of the Syrians between displaced and refugees in addition to the division procedures that have been practiced by the Turkish occupation and the presence of a unified mechanism for running the elections in Syria.”
He added, “the election isn’t the solution for all the above-mentioned factors that will further be complicated if run in the traditional way.”
The political official explained out, “the elections even don’t provide part of the solution. In Syria, there are people who ignore the existed change and want to deal as if nothing had happened. The elections have been advertised for as if all the problems in Syria, except for choosing a president, have been solved.”
Accordingly, Jiya considered running the elections that way, at the time and the measures levels, wouldn’t bring any suitable perception for solving the Syrian crisis.
“Running the election requires relative stability and an appropriate security environment for free democratic choosing process and openness of the existed forces in Syria on a solution, and international observers to turn the lections into a leap towards the public solution,” he highlighted.
But the current constitution constitutes a real problem, Jiaya lamented, adding there are some people who bet on military action as a decisive solution, and others are connecting the elections with promoting democracy.
“So, a free and integral election couldn’t be accomplished amid such complications and contradictions,” Jiya concluded.

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