The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“De-escalation zone” | Rebel dies of wounds in Idlib and, while Russian airstrikes on Latakia countryside leave several civilians injured

SOHR activists have documented the death of a rebel affected by the injuries he had after a vehicle belonging to the factions was targeted with a guided missile fired by regime forces stationed in Latakia mountains.


On the other hand, five civilians, including a little girl, sustained various injuries due to Russian airstrikes on the surrounding areas of al-Kendeh village in western Idlib and Tardin area in northern Latakia.


A few hours ago, Observatory sources reported that a Russian jet struck positions in the hills of Kabana in Latakia countryside with vacuum missiles. On the other hand, regime forces widened scope of their bombardment on the “de-escalation zone” as they fired several artillery shells on Jabal al-Zawiyah, Bayaneen, al-Fterah, in southern Idlib, Saan, Kadour in eastern Idlib, Kherbet al-Naqous and al-Mansourah in the western countryside of Hama. On the other hand, regime rocket launchers shelled the frontline of al-Haddadah and al-Kendeh village in Latakia countryside.


SOHR activists documented earlier today the injury of three members of the rebel factions, after regime forces targeted their vehicle with a guided missile on Badama road in the western sector of Idlib countryside.


SOHR activists in the “de-escalation zone” had reported violent clashes, in early Wednesday, between factions of Al-Fatah Mubeen operations room on one hand, and regime forces and their proxies on the other, at Al-Futtaira village in southern Idlib. The clashes, which coincided with exchange of bombardment, followed an attack by regime forces on the factions’ positions. However, al-Fateh Mubeeb factions managed to repel the regime’s attack, amid reports of causalities.


Meanwhile, opposition factions have raided regime positions on the frontlines of al-Dar al-Kabirah. Also, other frontlines of Sofin, al-Barah, and Fulayfel have witnessed an exchange of bombardment. Moreover, several missiles hit the surrounding areas of al-Janoudiah in western Idlib countryside without reports of casualties.