The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

at least 12 civilians killed while other wounded in airstrikes on the countryside and city in Idlib

Idlib Province:

At least 3 citizens died while more than 8 wounded in the intense helicopters’ attack on the city of Bennesh, followed by launching more than 50 propane explosive cylinders and homemade shells by the Islamic factions on areas in the towns of Kafrayya and al-Fou’aa inhabited by Shiite which is besieged since the end of March 2015, no information about casualties. 9 citizens, including 3 children and 5 women, died while others were wounded after aerial bombardment on areas in Jarjanaz town. A man died of wounds, the activists accused the Turkish border guards of shooting  him.

The helicopters dropped barrel bombs on areas in al-Taman’aa Township in the southern countryside of Idlib and other areas at the outskirts of Knsafra town and also the area between it and Belyoun town in al-Zawiyah Mountain, no information about casualties.


Areas in Taftanaz town had intense helicopters’ attack, no information about casualties.


The regime forces shelled areas in Sahl al-Rouj in the countryside of Idlib, no information about casualties.