The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

With regime threats of storming village near occupied Syrian Golan | Dozens of families displace from their areas

Al-Quneitra Province: Syrian Observatory for Human Rights activists have reported the displacement of dozens of families from the village of Um Batna in al-Quneitra in response to the threats that have been launched by the military security branch in Saasa.


Regime forces have threatened of storming the village if dozens of families refused to leave their houses towards north Syria. The calls for displacement coincided with the regime bringing military troops to the vicinity of the village that has witnessed security tensions and mortar fire by regime forces stationed at Tal al-Shaar base.


On May 4, reliable sources in the south Syria region told the Syrian Observatory that a Russian delegation was seen arriving in Um Batna town in the middle countryside of al-Quneitra, near the occupied Syrian Golan.


According to SOHR sources, the Russian delegation met with several of the town’s dignitaries and residents, while the outcomes of these meetings remained unknown. It is worth noting that this is the second visit by the Russians since the start of tension in the town on May 1 following the developments in the previous days. The regime forces allowed the residents to travel in and out of the town. This calm coincided with the deployment of regime forces in the surrounding areas of the town, along with boosting their checkpoints there.


 On the other hand, the new round of negotiations supposed to be held between dignitaries of Um Batna town and other dignitaries from surrounding towns on one hand, and regime forces on the other was postponed for three days, amid efforts to prevent the evacuation of specific young people to north Syria region, as regime forces demanded.


Moreover, SOHR sources reported the end of the first round of negotiations between representatives of the Syrian regime and dignitaries from the countryside of Damascus, Daraa and al-Quneitra, but no agreement was reached. While preparations were underway for new rounds of negotiations regarding the recent developments in Um Batna town.


 According to SOHR sources, regime forces demanded the evacuation of ten wanted people from Um Batna town, who had launched the attack on the hill of Jaba orchards, and the settlement of security situations of the people who passed their date of joining the mandatory service in regime’s army.