The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The battle of “Aasefat al- Janoub” starts and more that 51 rebel and Islamic factions aim to seize the city of Daraa and its vicinity


Daraa Province:

SOHR received a footage shows a speaker read a military statement of Aasefat al- Janoub Battle (the battle of the south storm) that “after Allah granted us victories on Horan land, we have to head the call of the cradle of the Syrian revolution in order to liberate what remained from the occupier. We, in the Central Military Operation Room of Asefat al- Janoub Battle, have announced the start of the battles’ epic and the top cooperation; the battle of Asefat al- Janoub. This battle is going to uproot the tyrants from Horan, break the chain of slavery and restore the usurped right and sovereignty of the people for facilities and institutions establish by sweat and blood of people. we promise Allah, his prophet and our people to continue to liberate every occupied inch from those who choose injustice and oppression to be their method.”


Violent clashes have taken place in the city of Daraa since early morning between the regime forces and allied militiamen against more than 51 rebel and Islamic factions, including the Islamic Movement of al- Mothanna, Jabahat al- Nusra and Ahrar al- Sham, aiming to seize the whole city and expel the regime forces from it and to take control over several towns around the city. The clashes accompanied by shelling using mortar and artillery shells on regime forces’ positions in the city and amid opening fire on regime forces’ positions in the town of Otman leading to kill 3 members of the regime forces and arrest 3 others.


The helicopters have dropped at least 60 barrel bombs since after midnight until now on places in Daraa al- Balad, neighborhood of Tariq al- Sad, Daraa camp in the city of Daraam towns of al- Na’imah, Om al- Mayazen, Nawa, Tafas Othamn, al- Yadodah and Nasib, as well as on the boder crossing of Nasib and al- Jabiyah Hill. The aerial bombardment resulted in the death of 6 civilians in the city of Daraa, including a woman, while others were wounded.


The regime forces shelled areas in the city of Daraa, towns of Om al- Mayazen, al- Na’imah and al- Yadodah leading to wound some people.