The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More than 13 people killed in the ongoing clashes inside the city of Ayn al- Arab (Kobani)


Reliable sources informed SOHR that the violent clashes between YPG and IS are still taking place inside the city of Kobani, near the border crossing of Morshed Binar with Turkey, Mashata Nour hospital, near the administration building, Halnaj road and the eastern outskirts of Ayn al- Arab (Kobani), where the clashes have erupted at 5 a.m. from 3 directions inside the city, amid a state of shock dominated among the citizens inside the city about how IS members could enter the city seized by YPG and some rebel factions in January 26,2015.


Meanwhile, violent clashes are erupting between YPG, backed by US- led coalition airstrikes and some rebel factions, against IS around the village of Barkh Botan near the town of Serin in the south of the city of Ayn al- Arab (Kobani) due to an attack carried out by IS on the village. Displace people from the village of Barkh Botan informed SOHR that IS executed some citizens from the village.