The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Nearly 900 land plots and luxury apartments seized so far | Iranian-backed militias continue strengthening presence on Syria-Lebanon border

Syrian Observatory sources have monitored ongoing movements by Iranian-backed militias in areas on the Syria-Lebanon border in Rif Dimashq, under supervision and support by the Lebanese Hezbollah, the de facto ruler of this area, as the purchasing of plots of land along the border strip is still on progress. It seems that the Iranian-backed militias disregard the Syria’s laws which ban selling or purchasing any land plots in border areas, while media concentration and coverage, by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in particular, have not hindered such “suspicious” movements.


In this context, SOHR activists have confirmed that the Iranian-backed militias have purchased over 285 plots of land in Al-Zabadani area and at least 405 plots in Al-Tufayl border area since early 2021, turning the region into an “independent” village headed by H.D. who is close to the Lebanese Hezbollah commanders.


Moreover, these militias continue taking over luxury apartments and villas in Bludan area and other surrounding areas, bringing the number of villas and apartments these militiamen inhabited in to 202 so far. These practices take place with full support by the Lebanese Hezbollah which facilitating such operations.