After threats in Deir Ezzor | ISIS threatens to escalate operations against SDF members and "collaborators" in al-Raqqah • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After threats in Deir Ezzor | ISIS threatens to escalate operations against SDF members and “collaborators” in al-Raqqah

Al-Raqqah province: SOHR activists have monitored paper leaflets stuck and distributed in the streets of the SDF-controlled towns of al-Karamah and al-Mansurah in al-Raqqah countryside, which included threats by the “Islamic State” of attacking checkpoints and headquarters of Syria Democratic Forces that it described as “atheists”. Through these leaflets, ISIS also called upon residents confess their sons to leave the ranks of SDF. One of these leaflets reads “we warn you against the atheists, joining their ranks or getting close to their headquarters and checkpoints. And we call upon every one of you and your sons who are working with them to repent, before he is targeted. Do not think that you are out of our hands or that we do not know the evil you do against us. We receive lists from good people and monotheists including everyone engaged in such acts. Wake up and keep your sons away from the apostates. And you, atheist Kurds and your affiliated commanders, soldiers, agents, informants and tribal elders, will pay for your practices and your violations against the Muslims and arresting chaste women. You will pay for your violations and repression over the Muslims and your fight against Islam. We see you, but you do not see us. Wait for your punishment.”


On May 16, SOHR activists monitored paper leaflets stuck on the doors of shops and on the walls of SDF-held areas of al-Jazarah, al-Kabar, al-Kasrah and al-Harmoushiyah in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor. These leaflets included threats by ISIS of intensifying its attacks against Syria Democratic Forces and civilians and tribes’ elders “collaborating” with them. ISIS also warned people not to get close to SDF headquarters and posts or they would be attacked. Some of these leaflets read “our Muslim brothers in the villages of al-Jazarah, al-Kabar, al-Kasrah and al-Harmoushiyah, do not get close to the headquarters or members of the atheist Kurds ‘SDF’, or you will be targeted by the security detachment of the glorious ‘Islamic State’. Oh infidels, the intelligence service’s members, soldiers, Asayish members, tribal elders dealing with the atheists, wait for your punishment. We see you, but you do not see us. Check your heads before they are gone. The incoming punishment will be worse for you, Allah willing.”

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