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SOHR exclusive | Information revealed on new ISIS “Emirs” in ranks of “National Army” in Ras al-Ain

Al-Haskah province: Reliable SOHR activists in “Peace Spring” areas have revealed the identity of more ISIS “Emirs” (top commanders) and members working for the factions of the Turkish-backed “National Army” in Ras al-Ain city (Sere Kaniye) in al-Hasakah countryside. SOHR activists have documented the names of four Syrian ISIS Emirs from Aleppo and Deir Ezzor provinces in the ranks of the “National Army”.


This development comes as a confirmation of SOHR earlier reports of the presence of ISIS members and commanders in the ranks of the Turkish-backed factions.


On April 29, SOHR sources reported that Turkish-backed militiamen beaten and humiliated an employee in the electricity department of the “Civil Council” in Ras al-Ain city (Sere Kaniye) in Al-Hasakah countryside, as he refused to go with the militiamen and fix a power generator belonging to them.


While on April 14, SOHR sources reported the injury of three civilians this evening due to clashes with members of the Turkish-backed Al-Hamza Division in Ras Al-Ain city in “Peace Spring” areas in Al-Hasakah countryside.


According to SOHR sources, the clashes erupted following a disagreement between members of Al-Hamza Division and waiters in a restaurant service “Ramadan meals” (meals for breakfast in Ramadan), during which the Turkish-backed militiamen threw a grenade and fired an RPG shell, which injured the three civilians and caused material damage.