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SOHR exclusive | Dissident Brigadier General Ahmed Rahal: “I appeal to international community to protect me from Shabiha of Abu Amsha”

The Brigadier General Ahmed Rahal, who had split form the “National Army”, confirmed that the factions of the “National Army” has sentenced him to three years in prison.


In a statement to the Syrian Observatory, Rahal said “My live is at risk, especially since a decision was issued to expel me from Turkey. The gang of Abu Amsha is known for disregarding the laws or the government, as it is just a group of mercenaries and Shabiha (loyalists who abuse power and do illegal actions for the benefit of a specific body). Syria contains several scum figures like Abu Amsha and his group, so I am not astonished by the ramifications of the current crisis.


“As Abu Amsha is affiliated to the National Army which is subordinated by the Ministry of Defence of the Syrian National Coalition’s Interim Government, the Syrian National Coalition has to issue a statement to support or disavow Abu Amsha’s claims. Also, the Ministry of Defence of the Interim Government has to adopt a clear stance and to confirm or cancel the sentence. This absurdity has to come to an end.”


“Currently, they and the Turkish government are partners and they have sent me messages from more than 500 different numbers, threatening me of kidnapping, killing and dragging along on the ground. They asked the Turkish government to hand me over in order to execute me. I demand the Turkish government to express its stance, especially with the cybercrimes and threats of killing I have subjected to.”


“Abu Amsha’s gang and his affiliates in his court in Azaz area and a group of mercenaries sentence me to a three-year imprisonment…what a disaster! I swear, if Bashar al-Assad is notified of their practices, he will pay for such favours they do to him and his regime.”


“I appeal to all the nations of the world to save me, as my life is at risk, I ask any country that is really concerned with human rights to accept my asylum, specially since I am threatened to be expelled from Turkey after the recently-issued decision” added the dissident Brigadier General.


It is worth noting that several commanders of “Sultan Suleiman Shah Division” of the “National Army” had appeared in a video footage, announcing a decision to sentence Ahmed Rahal to three years in prison for “insulting and offending the Syrian Revolution and the National Army”, as they described.