The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

35 civilians killed and wounded in a village in the city of Ayn al- Arab (Kobani), while the second boob- trapped vehicle explodes in the city


A loud explosion heard in the city of Ayn al- Arab (Kobani) caused by detonating of the second booby- trapped car by IS at the border crossing area of Morshed Binar. SOHR had been informed that the clashes between IS and YPG are still taking place inside the city Ayn al- Arab (Kobani) killing 8 members of IS, while at least 12 civilians and YPG also killed in the same clashes. Cross- cutting resources informed SOHR that IS militants could infiltrate the city wearing YPG and pro- YPG rebel brigade uniforms.


On the other hand, 35 citizens killed wounded in the village of Barkh Botan near the town of Serrin south of Ayn al- Arab (Kobani), including 20 people carried weapons to fight IS when it has stormed the village. They were killed in the attack and mutual firing between the two sides while 5 IS militants died in the same attack before they retreated as a result of besieging them by  YPG and the rebel factions from3 directions.