The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Autonomous Administration | Regime security service warns inhabitants against not participating in the presidential election show

Al-Hasakah province: Syrian Observatory for Human Rights have reported that the regime security service has asked the employees in its circuits, and the inhabitants in the “Autonomous Administration”-held areas in al-Hasakah and Qamishli cities to cast their votes in the “presidential elections farce play” that are scheduled to run tomorrow. The security men threatened to sack the employees in case of abstaining from participation.

Yesterday, SOHR reported that Autonomous Administration of north and east Syria announced, in an official statement, shutting all the crossings between its areas and the regime-controlled areas until further notice.

The statement read, “all the border crossings between the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian government as of today at 7 pm until future notice. Whoever should carry on the decision should be notified.”