The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Darra | Public strikes against “presidential elections show” tomorrow

Darra province: Syrian Observatory for Human Rights have documented a public strike in Tal-Shihab, Nawi, Taseel, Tafs, al-Muzayrib, al-Yahdodah and Jelbin in west Darra countryside, and al-Harak, Namer, Malihat al-Aatash and other areas in east Daraa countryside to protest the presidential elections that are scheduled tomorrow.

According to SOHR activists, the regime security service has broken the shops locks in Nawi after a general strike in the city.

Yesterday, SOHR documented statement issued by tribal and revolutionary Daraa committees called for boycotting the presidential elections that are scheduled to rum tomorrow inside the regime-held areas.

The statement read, “over a decade, the Syrian people experienced a great epic, that will be remembered by the coming generations, against the most oppressive regime in the modern history. While the people dreamt of building a country on bases of justice and equity, the regime planned to run a presidential election farce show. Hawran clans stress the election isn’t legitimate and that it will be run in an authoritarian environment against the willing of the Syrians. The election is an episode of a series of Iranian hegemony on the Syrian decisions. Requalifying the regime on the debris of a destroyed nation is a mere ignorance for the Syrian rights and negligence to the international resolutions. We are in Hawran consider the election time as a sad and a mourning day and that taking part in it is shameful.”

SOHR activists also said, yesterday, that campaign still continuous in different areas in southern Syria, especially in Daraa and al-Suwaydaa that called for boycotting the presidential elections. Unknown people posted banners and posters in Malihat al-Aatash villageadn other areas in Daraa countryside calling for boycotting the illegal elections. Others wrote on walls of Daraa al-Balad, “no ligitmacy for al-Assad elections, no stability for Syrian in presence of al-Assad.”

On May 16, Syrian Observatory activists monitored new stickers, posters and graffiti on the walls of various cities, towns and villages in Daraa province, including al-Ajami, Tel Shehab, al-Muzayri’ah, Namer, al-Muzayrib, Ataman and other areas in the northern, western and eastern countryside of Daraa, denouncing the holding of the presidential election and calling for boycotting it. Some of these posters and graffiti read “Don’t elect the Zionists’ beloved – Don’t elect the criminal of this age – Don’t elect the tyrant and the murderer of the Syrians”.

On May 20, SOHR reported that unknown persons have distorted a photo of “al-Assad” in al-Suwaydaa, amid the promotional campaign of the presidential election show in Syria.