The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Recruitment of children | “al-Shabiba al-Thawriyah” kidnaps girl in al-Hasakah

Al-Hasakah province: SOHR sources have reported that “al-Shabiba al-Thawriyah” (the Revolutionary Youth) has kidnapped a minor girl from al-Tawrat village in al-Darbasiyyah countryside in al-Hasakah, while she was at school. The girl was taken to headquarters of “al-Shabiba al-Thawriyah” outside the city.


It is worth noting that “al-Shabiba al-Thawriyah” continues recruiting children to its military formations and exerts pressure on the children’s families in order not to call for the return of their children.


In February, “Child Protection” office handed over 15 children, both boys and girls, to their families in north and east Syria region in batches.