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Syrian Observatory condemns Syrian regime attempts to promote the country’s division via presidential election show

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stresses that the presidential election in the Syrian regime-backed areas is not legal and doesn’t represent the aspirations of the Syrian people. On the contrary, this “farcical show” will promote the division of the country, which is not acceptable. Moreover, no one could deny lies and fabrications by the regime institutions and media that have mentioned the high unprecedented turnout on the voting centres without any problems or objections, and these claims are completely untrue. Taking part in the voting process was not as the regime media has portrayed. The regime media has turned a blind eye to dozens of leaked voice recordings, videos and photos.


The issue of the personal IDs was the most prominent form of violations during the voting, where the electoral centers gathered the IDs collectively under pretext of “facilitating the voting process”, but they were collected to vote on behalf of the people for Bashar al-Assad. Moreover, the residents have received threats of sacked from their jobs and deprived from food as a part of the policy that the regime has applied against the governmental employees when they did not take part in the elections only in favor of al-Assad, because the other candidates are just puppets.


Syrian Observatory activists had reported the end of the general strikes of the people and inhabitants of Darra. The two-day strikes came as a part of the inhabitants’ rejection of the presidential election farce show and the participation in the voting process.


According to SOHR sources, Darra, the “Cradle of the Syrian Revolution”, experienced very low turnout in the voting centers, as it was the case in all the province’s districts that even hadn’t experienced any strikes.


Meanwhile, collecting the personal IDs prevailed in different areas, where the citizens’ IDs were gathered collectively to speed up the voting process in favor of the president of the Syrian regime on behalf of the people.


Yesterday, as residents continued rejecting the show of the presidential election throughout Syria, SOHR activists in Daraa province reported popular rejection of receiving ballot boxes in the following areas: Daraa al-Balad, Bosra al-Sham, Jasim, Tasil, Sammad, Ma’raba, Sayda, Kahil, Naseeb, Harrak, Nahta, al-Taybah, al-Yadoudah, al-Karak al-Sharqi, al-Sahwah, Ghasam, al-Na’emah, Um al-Mayazen, al-Jizah, al-Mata’iyah, Alma, al-Ghariyah al-Gharbiyyah, al-Ghariyah al-Sharqiyyah, al-Mulayha al-Gharbiyyah, al-Mulayha al-Sharqiyyah, al-Msifrah, al-Hara, Inkhil, Tafas, Nawa, Da’el, al-Muzayreb, Tel Shehab, al-Ajami, Zayzun, Jamla, Jilin, Naf’a, al_shajarah, Kuya, al-Qusayr, al-Muzayri’a and Sahem al-Golan. It is worth noting that the population of these areas is estimated at more than 500,000 Syrian people. Not to mention the non-participation of Syrian citizens in areas under the control of the Autonomous Administration and in areas controlled by the opposition factions in north-west Syria region in the presidential election.


SOHR activists in Darra province, the “Cradle of the Syrian Revolution”, had reported rising tensions amid ongoing general strikes for the second day in a row in several cities and villages in condemnation and rejection for the Syrian presidential election farce show. The protests took place in the areas of al-Mulayha al-Sharqiyyah, al-Mulayha al-Gharbiyyah, al-Gharaya al-Sharqiyyah, al-Gharaya al-Gharbiyyah, Tafas, Inkhil, Da’el, al-Mazaireb, Tel Shehab, al-Shajarah, Nafaa, Jaleen, Jomlah, Al-Qousir, al-Muzayri’ah, Saham al-Golan, Abdeen, Al-Naiemah, al-Sahwah, Jasem, Kaheel and other areas.


SOHR sources also monitored a protest in al-Jiza, where the demonstrators demanded the toppling of al-Assad and expressed rejection of the presidential election, amid rising tensions in Nawi city where the regime security services attempted to put an end to the strike by forcing the strikers to open their shops. Moreover, the exchange of fire took place between security members and militants inside the city, amid reports of an attack on a regime security service’s car carrying a ballot box.

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