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Manbij protests | Despite slamming protests, Asayish forces renew fire and kill a protester in Manbaj

On June 1, 2021
Aleppo province: SOHR activists have reported death of a protester and information about another, and wounding of others after they were targeted by members of Internal Security Forces (Asayish) in the countryside of Manbaj.
The clashes took place after the inhabitants and population of Manbaj village took into the streets towards the city after a protester was killed yesterday by Asayish. Information have revealed the protesters had controlled al-Khotaf checkpoint eastern Manbaj, from which Asayish forces have shot the demonstrators, amid prevailing tensions and escalating popular discontent. Meanwhile, another protest was erupted in the city of Manbaj near Dalwo U-turn and the raged protesters have violated the curfew over the events.
SOHR activists have reported that several demonstrators have cut the M4 highway in al-Kersan village in Manbij city northeast Aleppo to protest the murderer of a young man in the countryside of the city by fire of Internal Security Forces (Asayish). The clashes coincided with the ongoing meetings and talks in the city between military leaders and civilian elites to alleviate the tensions.
Earlier on Tuesday, SOHR activists reported a cautious clam prevailing the city of Manbij that is stationed under control of the forces of Manbij Military Council amid the ongoing curfew that has been imposed by the forces in the early hours of Tuesday for 48 hours. The calamity coincides with holding talks between the military and civil administration of the city with the region elite people to contain the escalating protests that started yesterday that killed a protester and wounded three others with al-Asayish firing.
However, four persons who participated in yesterday demonstrations have been arrested amid the talks which provoked the discontent of the people.
Yesterday, SOHR activists reported that Manbij Military Council issued a decree, imposing a curfew in Manbij city in north-eastern Aleppo over the current events in the city. According the decree, a 48-hour curfew will start on Tuesday at 1:00 am.
In this context, SOHR reported that some demonstrators attacked checkpoints in the city in the light of the escalating protests after a general strike against the decision of mandatory conscription. Meanwhile, members of Internal Security Forces (Asayish) shot demonstrators in Manbij countryside which caused the death of a young man, while three other demonstrators were injured.
Also, yesterday, Syrian Observatory sources documented several demonstrations in Manbaj city which is under the control of the “Manbij Military Council” of Syrian Democratic Forces, north-east of Aleppo against Internal Security Forces (Asayish) that opened fire on group of demonstrators in al-Hadhod village in north Manbij countryside, east Aleppo, rejecting the SDF campaign for mandatory conscription. SOHR activists reported that members of Internal Security Forces (Asayish) shot live ammunition at a demonstration in al-Hadhod village in northern Manbij countryside east Aleppo, rejecting the SDF campaign for mandatory conscription, which caused the death of a young man, while three other demonstrators injured.