The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime intensive rocket attacks | Civilians injured in Jabal al-Zawiyah

Idlib province: SOHR sources have reported rocket fire by regime forces on Arnabeh village in the southern countryside of Idlib, which injured a little girl and a man. Moreover, regime forces shelled the villages and towns of Sarjeh, Maarbalit and al-Fterah in the southern countryside of Idlib.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported that regime forces fired several rockets in the early ours of Friday morning on positions in Kafr Oweid, Sfuhen, Fulayfel, Bayanin, the surrounding areas of al-Bara and Kansafrah in the southern countryside of Idlib. Regime forces also targeted frontlines in Sahl al-Ghab in north-western countryside of Hama with heavy machineguns, but no casualties were reported.