The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After losing influence in al-Qamishli | Iranian militia seeks to promote influence in al-Haskah via buying real estates and recruiting men

On June 7, 2021
Iran and its militias have experienced losses in al-Qamishli following ending the presence of the national defense forces and their sacking from the city. Meanwhile, the Iran-backed militia representing in “Afghan Fatmoun Brigade” has been escalating the operations of recruitment in the two cities of al-Hasakah and al-Qamishli.
The Iranian forces and militia have recruited 710 persons from al-Hasakah and al-Qamishli, 315 of which were members and leaders in the National Defense, while 395 of them civilians were civilians and sons of some factions like “al-Abeed, Yasaar, Harith, Bany Saba’h and al-Sharayeen.”
The recruitment operations took place since mid of January until al-Qamishli events at the end of April. Before that period, the militia had transferred the recruited fighters from its lines to outside al-Qamishli, most of which have been withdrawn to western Euphrates “Iranian reserve in Syria.”
Loss of al-Qamishli hasn’t hindered Iran and its militia from sneaking into the area in light of policies of fixing their influence in different Syrian regions.
Syrian Observatory activists in al-Hasakah have documented that Irna-backed militia in the past few days and weeks have bought more than 35 real estates in the Syrian regime-held areas in al-Hasakah city, over a few hundred meters, in the “security square” areas. The purchased real states covered the province headquarters, al-Adly Palace, immigration and visas headquarters, and other service and civil circuits, military and security branches and Palestine Street.
According to SOHR, the purchase process coincides with continuous attempts to recruit more men and males in the city, especially from the national defense forces via providing material seditions. Iran seeks to prove its higher position exceeding the Russian side on the real ground amid the cold war between the two prominent allies of the Syrian regime that stands with folded arms and only governs the country at the surface.