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Timeline | Recent developments across Syria

June 7, 2021


Regime-controlled areas

– Deir Ezzor: SHOR activists have reported that the regime government has scammed the farmers in al-Mayadeen area in eastern Deir Ezzor countryside. The forces paid 700 lira for one kilo of wheat instead of 900 lira that it promised before when it forced the farmers not to sell it in the black market.
– Syrian Observatory activists have reported death of three regime forces officers after being targeted with ISIS shooting in the desert of Tadmur in east countryside of Homos province.
– Syrian Observatory activists have reported that Unknown assailants opened fire on a man from Daraa governorate, in Manshiya neighborhood in Daraa al-Balad ,Which resulted in his instant death. It is worth noting that the man was a former member of Jabhat al-Nusra and he worked as an interior bus driver after he had struck a reconciliation deal with regime.
On the other hand, SOHR activistshave reported hearing two explosions in Tafas city in the countryside of Daraa, caused by a drone attack on former headquarters and an abandoned petrol station, but no casualties have been reported.



SOHR activists have reported in the early hours above 23 rocket firing by the Turkish forces on several stages. The attacks hit the outskirts of Deir Gamal, Kharbakah and al-Zyarah near Sheiro in the countryside of Afrin northwest of Aleppo within the areas under control of the Kurdish and regime forces.
On the other hand, several artillery shelling fell near the Afrin-Aleppo Road but no casualties have been reported.
Turkish forces have renewed rocket fire on the Kurdish-held areas in north Aleppo countryside. SOHR activists has reported intensive rocket firing by the Turkish force since early hours in the morning in several places in the town of Deir Gamal and the surrounding areas and other areas northern Aleppo, without information about casualties till now.
It worth noting that Deir Gamal included displaced population from Afrin

– SOHR activists have reported hearing a loud explosion in al-Rai city, which is under the control of pro-Turkey factions due to an explosive device explosion in a the outdoors market in the city. The explosion killed one civilian and injured nine others including one child some of them seriously injured.

SDF-held areas

-SOHR activists have reported that a regular joint patrol run by the Russian and the Turkish forces in western Ain al-Arab city and countryside (Kobani). The patrol was composed of eight military vehicles from the two sides escorted by two Russian helicopters from Aashma village at the border with Turkey. The joint patrol has covered the villages of Garqily, Fawqany, Genbnah, Bayadah until reaching the village of Zour Maghar on the opposite side of Garbuls at the eastern bank of the Euphrates, which is the last village in western Kobani village.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights activists  have reported that  tribal elders and dignitaries in Manbij have issued a statement includes 17 popular requests as follow :

  • Cancellation of “duty of self-defense” (mandatory conscription) for all young males.
  • Stop of arresting Manbij youth in any place of north east Syria and not driving them to perform duty of self-defense.
  • Offering medical treatment to wounded people.
  • Holding the members who opened fire on civilians accountable.
  • Compromising the victims’ families.
  • Activating the role of the health committee and control medicine prices inside the city and its countryside.
  • Securing sufficient amounts of fuel and its derivatives to the city.
  • Cancellation of customs on medicine and medical stuffs.
  • Decreasing customs on food stuffs, raw materials, spare parts …etc.
  • Allowing families of al-Sheiokh town to return to their homes.
  • Hiring teachers with permanent contracts.
  • Arresting wanted people under court’s arrest warrants only.
  • Facilitating the work of organizations operating in Manbig city and activate their role.
  • Giving back personal certificates and documents confiscated from youth at crossings while driving them to military service.
  • Putting an end to the military personnel’s tours in the city holding their weapons.
  • Giving back the seized properties back to their owners.
  • Compensating the owners of damaged buildings in the war on ISIS.

– Al-Hasakah province: SOHR reported that five members of an ISIS cell, including Iraqis, were killed in a security operation by SDF in al-Shaddadi district in al-Hasakah province. This development came hours after SDF-backed Counter-Terrorism Forces declared capturing ISIS Emir in the same area.


De-escalation zone

– SOHR activists have reported death of a fighter of Turkey- backed “al-Sham Corp” by targeting one of the faction’s checkpoint by rockets at the frontlines of Deir Soonbul city southern Idlib.
The new attacks rose number of the factions deaths by rocket fire today to two, after targeting different areas in Jabel al-Zawiyah and the countryside of southern Idlib to 100 rocket shells today.
Syrian Observatory activists, in the de-escalation zone, have reported intensive rocket firing by the regime forces since early morning, targeting areas in Balyon, al-Barah, al-Feterah, Fulayfel, Bayanin, Kansafrah in the southern countryside of Idlib, and the surrounding areas of Qilideen and al-Zyarah in northwestern Hama countryside.
The attacks killed a fighter of the factions in Balyon in his house not at the frontlines in addition to causing material damages in other different areas.

– SOHR activists have documented the death of a young man from al-Zarzour village in Jesr al-Shughur in the western countryside of Idlib, while he was trying to sneak into Turkey from west Idlib countryside near the Syria border with Iskenderun region.