The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Aleppo | Regime forces bombarded 10 areas southern Idlib, killed and wounded three children

On June 8, 2021
Aleppo province: SOHR activists have reported intensive rocket firing by regime forces since early hours of Tuesday, targeting areas of al-Barah, Ahsem, Mashoun, Ibleen, al-Feterah, Fulayfel, Bayanin, Kansafrah in the southern countryside of Idlib. The attacks killed a child and wounded two others amid shelling Ibleen. Also, several people were wounded in Mashoun amid intensive strikes between the regime forces and the factions on the frontlines of southern Idlib countryside without information about casualties.
Yesterday, SOHR activists reported death of two fighters of the factions including one of Turkey- backed “al-Sham Corp” by targeting one of the faction’s checkpoint by rockets at the frontlines of Deir Soonbul city southern Idlib. The second was killed in rocket shelling in Balyoun while he was in the village stationed on southern Idlib countryside not at the frontlines.
Yesterday also, the regime forces targeted different areas in Jabel al-Zawiyah and the countryside of southern Idlib with 100 rocket shells.
Syrian Observatory activists, in the de-escalation zone, reported intensive rocket firing by the regime forces since early morning, targeting areas in Balyon, al-Barah, al-Feterah, Fulayfel, Bayanin, Kansafrah in the southern countryside of Idlib, and the surrounding areas of Qilideen and al-Zyarah in northwestern Hama countryside.