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Timeline | Recent developments across Syria



Jun 8, 2021


Regime-controlled areas


-SOHR reported finding a body of a former faction fighter at the road between al-Mazyryeeb and al-Yadodah cities in western Darra countryside. The dead man once served as a former fighter was among others who struck “reconciliation and settlements” deals with the regime after controlling Daraa. No information has been reported yet about the nature or conditions of his murder.


-Syrian Observatory activists have reported that unknown gunmen opened fire on an ex-leader of Daraa opposition factions in al-Sanameein city in northern Daraa, which resulted in his instant death and injury to another person who was escorting the commander. It is worth noting that the ex-commander had struck a reconciliation deal with regime forces and gave up military activities in 2018.


-SOHR activists have reported hearing a loud explosion caused by grenade exploded in front of a shop near of Al-Fakhoura square , causing 7 injuries some of them seriously , the explosion also led to huge material damages in the properties.


-Syrian Observatory for Human Rights activists have documented new security operation by the regime and its proxies topped by National Defense, and the militias loyal to Russia under Russian-backed Palestinian “Liwaa al-Quds” in the desert extended between al-Mayadeen to Faydah Ibn Moyta’ near the eastern neighborhood of Deir Ezzor countryside in searching ISIS cells that have escalated activities in the past few days either in that region or other scattered areas in the Syrian desert in the countryside of Homs, Raqqa and Hama. The operation has been launched in the morning early hours with intensive airstrikes of the Russian warplanes that bombarded dozens of raids targeting caves that could be taken as hotbeds for ISIS fighters.


-An old landmine planted earlier by ISIS exploded in a vehicle commuting regime soldiers, during combing operations in Marigeeb al-Gomlan neighborhood in the countryside of Salmiyah city northwestern Hama province. The explosion killed tow regime soldiers, and wounded thirteen others, some are in serious conditions.





-SHOR activists, in “Olive Branch”-held factions operation room northwest Aleppo, have reported explosion of IED in a car in Mahmoudiah suburb int eh city causing material damages, without information about casualties. On Sunday, unknown militants driving Hyuandai Santafe car shot a fighter of al-Hamzah division in the villages of al-Maqri in al-Bab city wounding him in his leg. Also, unidentified gunmen driving a Saba car threw a grenade in Afrin city, leaving some material damages.


-SOHR activists, in Afrin in northwestern countryside of Aleppo province, have reported that a leader of “Military Police” branch in Afrin has abused the female detainees in Ma’ratah prison with the severest methods that were practiced by the Syrian regime against the prisoners.

The Military Police leaders has sexually abused the female prisoners under pretext of investigations.


According to SOHR activists, families and dignitaries in the region have learned several sexual abuse accidents by the Military Police leader who is known as “Abu Riyadh” and have filed several complaints to the Turkish side and some factions working in the region to stop his violations against the prisoners to hold him accountable, but the complaints went in vain till the moment.


It is worth noting that Ma’ratah prison has been run by the Military Police and the Defense Ministry of the Syrian interime government under supervision of the Turkish intelligence. Most of the detainees in Ma’ratah prison are Kurdish people who have been kidnaped and arrested since the Turkish forces and the loyal factions have controlled Afrin and its neighborhood on accusations of formerly serving for or dealing with the Autonomous Administration


Turkey-backed National Army factions have continued all kinds of violations against the civilians in their areas of influence in the Aleppo countryside. SOHR activists have reported that more than 20 members of Al-Hamza Division checkpoint in al-Soflanyah neighborhood bear Baza’ah city in al-Bab area east of Aleppo have severely beaten a displaced from Aleppo city after his attempt to distract them away from his friend and his wife who had been insulted at the checkpoint.




De-escalation zone


-SOHR activists have reported intensive rocket firing by regime forces since early hours of Tuesday, targeting areas of al-Barah, Ahsem, Mashoun, Ibleen, al-Feterah, Fulayfel, Bayanin, Kansafrah in the southern countryside of Idlib. The attacks killed a child and wounded two others amid shelling Ibleen. Also, several people were wounded in Mashoun amid intensive strikes between the regime forces and the factions on the frontlines of southern Idlib countryside without information about casualties.


-SOHR activists have reported that vehicles and soldiers of Turkish forces have stationed in a new military base between al-Bara and Ahsem towns in Jabal al-Zawiya in the southern countryside of Idlib city. On a related contest, military build-up has arrived at the new position from several Turkish military posts in Jabal al-Zawiya, along with high security alert by the pro-Turkey militiamen escorting these reinforcement.


These developments come as a part of the continuous flow of Turkish military build-ups and redeployment of its ground troops in the “de-escalation zone” in Idlib province. In the same contest, several citizens have gathered in front of a Turkish checkpoint in Balion town in Jabal al-Zawiya, and demanded Turkish forces tell them the reasons behind these military deployments, expressing their fear of imminent attack by regime forces on the region. However, Turkish forces have told the residents to wait for a few days until the Turkey central leadership sends the reply for their questions.