The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Black Saturday” in Afrin | Death toll jumps to 18, while 23 people injured

Aleppo province: SOHR activists have documented more fatalities in the massacre committed by regime forces stationed in al-Ziyyarah and Ibbin in the north-western countryside of Aleppo, which targeted al-Shefaa hospital in Afrin city. According to SOHR statistics, 18 people were killed as follows: a female and her baby, three female medics, a doctor, another woman, a little girl, an opposition commander, and three unidentified people. The death toll is expected to rise further as the attack left over 23 persons injured, some seriously, including women and children.


SOHR sources had reported that the death toll in Afrin continued increasing as a result of the death of more injured people while rescue teams continued recovering fatalities and survivors from under rubble caused by rocket attacks on several positions in Afrin. According to SOHR sources, death toll rose to 16 people at least, mostly civilians.


Most of the fatalities were in al-Shefaa hospital in Afrin city, and they included, a doctor, three female medics, other three women, a child, and an opposition commander.


While the critical cases have been transported to other hospitals, including hospitals in Azaz, north of Aleppo.