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New reinforcement | Iranian-backed militias bring in surface-to-surface missiles and ammunition to their base opposite Coalition and SDF-held areas in eastern Aleppo

Liwaa Fatemiyoun recruits nearly 1,000 young and adult men in eastern Aleppo, exploiting dire living conditions

Reliable sources in the eastern countryside of Aleppo have told SOHR that the Iranian-backed militias have brought in new military reinforcement in the past few hours to their recently-established base on a hill in Habboubah village between al-Khafsah and Maskanah, near the bank of the Euphrates river and opposite areas under the control of the International Coalition and Syria Democratic Forces on the river’s other bank.


According to SOHR sources, the new reinforcement included weapons, ammunition and medium-range surface-to-surface missiles from west Euphrates region. It is worth noting that this is the second batch of reinforcement to be brought to the area in 20 days, while no confirmed information has been reported so far about the goals or objectives.


In the meantime, Iranian-backed militias, led by the Afghani Liwaa Fatemiyoun continued recruitment operations east Aleppo countryside through offering financial incentives. According to SOHR sources, the number of people recruited by Iranian-backed militias since early February has risen to nearly 985. The recruitment operations are concentrated in the areas of Maskanah, al-Sfirah, Deir Hafer, and other areas in towns and villages of eastern Aleppo through Iran’s spiritual proxies and bureaus that offer financial incentives.


On June 6, SOHR activists in the countryside of Aleppo reported that pro-Iran militias established a military base on a hill near the bank of the Euphrates River, east of Aleppo.


According to SOHR sources, the new military base was located opposite the SDF-held areas, as it was built in the village of Habbouba, between the town of Khifsa and the city of Maskanah, east of Aleppo.


On March 16, SOHR sources reported that Russian and regime forces set up a joint military post on the western bank of the Euphrates region near Khan Al-Sha’r in western Maskanah which is under the control of regime forces in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.


The recently-established post was opposite the SDF positions on the river’s eastern bank, and it contained heavy gears, tens of soldiers and command centre provided with communication military devices.


This development came as a part of efforts to put an end to the Iranian military expansion in the eastern countryside of Aleppo and their imposition of influence over the area’s dignitaries and tribal elders.