The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ongoing security escalation | Turkish preparations escorted with National Army factions to launch military operation in Manbij


News reported about Turkish intentions to launch new military operation in the Syrian territories escorted with their allied National Army factions. Meanwhile, SOHR activists have reported that leaders and members of the national army discuss striking military operation soon with the Turkish forces mainly targeting Manbij.

Preparations and collecting information continue. According to SOHR sources, the operation might take place after the coming sacrifice feast by end of July. The sources added that the operation is expecting to cover Ain Essa, Ain al-Arab Kubani, but Mabij will be the main target.

Yesterday morning, SOHR activists, in Aleppo countryside, reported heavy bombardments by the Turkish forces and its proxies in areas controlled by the Kurdish forces and the Manbij Military Council Forces along the joint frontline in Manbij city, northeastern Aleppo.

Exchange of heavy and medium weapons from both sides has caused death of four pro-Turkish factions members at Toukhar frontline in Manbij countryside.