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Timeline | Recent developments across Syria



June 24, 2021


Regime-controlled areas



-SOHR activists have reported that Russian officers have met nearly a week ago with the central committee in Daraa city and asked them to quit personal weapons that were possessed by some persons in some neighborhoods in Daraa and urged them to also strike new reconciliation and settlement deals. However, their request was met with wide popular rejection in different areas of al-Hawarn.


-Russian warplanes bombarded since the early hours of Thursday have bombarded 20 strikes on positions of ISIS starting from Jabal al-Boushra until reaching northeastern al-Sokhna and Jabal al-Amour in the Syrian desert. The strikes coincided with combing the same areas by Russian-backed 5th Division in search for ISIS fighters.


-SOHR activists have documented death of four members of the national defense and wounding of other six in a land mine explosion, that is believed to be ISIS ordinance, targeting a bus that was transporting them from Rasm Ghazala neighborhood in Solmiyah desert in east Hama countryside.


-SOHR activists have documented the death of a member worked for the Military Security branch in al-Quneitra countryside and the injury of another, while a group of the branch’s members were storming a house in Memtana village, where a man, believed to be the house’s owner, opened fire directly on the security members.





-SOHR activists, in Aleppo countryside, have reported heavy bombardments by the Turkish forces and its proxies in areas controlled by the Kurdish forces and the Manbij Military Council Forces along the joint frontline in Manbij city, northeastern Aleppo.


Exchange of heavy and medium weapons from both sides has caused death of four pro-Turkish factions members at Toukhar frontline in Manbij countryside. On the other hand, the Turkish forces and its proxies bombarded areas in Sheikh Essa, Harbel and Tal Refa’at under control of the Kurdish forces in north Aleppo countryside amid clashes with the between the pro-Turkish factions and the Kurdish forces at the frontline of Harbel. But, no casualties have been reported yet.



SDF-held area


-SOHR activists have reported a demonstration in al-Busayra city, as the demonstrators protested the arbitrary arrests by SDF and violations they committed during their last security campaign which started in the city two days ago. The demonstrators cut off the main road connecting Koniko gas field and al-Omar oil field, while SDF members fired bullets in the air to disperse the demonstrators.



De-Escalation zone


-SOHR activists have reported that regime forces targeted, with heavy artillery, two Turkish military posts in Majazer village and the surrounding areas of Saraqeb city in the countryside of Idlib, as the artillery shells hit near military vehicles gathering, but no casualties have been reported so far.


On the other hand, regime forces shelled, with heavy artillery, Ariha city in the countryside of Idlib, injuring a civilian.


SOHR activists had reported that regime forces renewed their shelling on villages in Sahl al Ghab with more than 60 artillery shells which hit the villages of Kherbat al-Naqous, al-Qahira , al-Ziyyara, and the vicinity of Zayzon village.


“Al-Fatah al-Mubeen” factions, on Thursday afternoon, bombarded regime forces posts with rocket and artillery fire in the cities of Kafnubl and Ma’arat al-Noa’man and the two villages of al-Dana and al-Dar al-kabirah in Aleppo countryside in response to the ongoing escalation by the regime forces amid reported information of casualties.


On the other hand, regime forces bombarded areas around the Turkish checkpoint in Nahilia village in south of Idliband other areas in Mantaf, Ariha, Fulifill and Banein in southern Idlib countryside, but no casualties were reported.


Earlier that day, SOHR activists reported that Russian warplane has conducted three consecutive raids on the area of Ain Shaeib stationed in the surrounding areas of western Idlib city, but no casualties were reported.


The attack coincided with flights by other three Russian jets and reconnaissance drones in the de-escalation zone and other rocket fire by regime forces on different areas of Jabal al-Zawiyah in southern Idlib.

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