The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

US strikes at Iraqi-Syrian borders | Seven members of Al-Hashd al-Shaabi killed and military post destroyed in US air attack on Iranian militia


SOHR activists have reported rise of casualties due to US air attack at the early hours of Monday on military posts under control of the Iranian militia near at the Iraqi-Syrian borders. Seven members of Iraqi Al-Hashd al-Shaabi have been killed in the US attack in eastern Deir Ezzor at the Iraqi borders. The attacks also have destroyed weapons warehouse and another military post of the militia. Number of casualties is expected to rise because some sustained serious wounds.

On April 29, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights activists reported that a drone struck, this dawn, the house of a commander of Turkish-backed militias and a military vehicle in Al-Sayyal town, which is located nearly 11 kilometres to the north-west of Al-Bokamal city, on the western bank of the Euphrates river in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, near the Syria-Iraq border. The attack resulted in the death of a commander of a non-Syrian nationality and the injury of five militiamen, as the drone targeted the militiamen with a missile after it had struck the commander’s house. However, it is not known if the drone was affiliated to the International Coalition, Israel or another body. Meanwhile, reliable sources have told SOHR that the targeted commander was of the Afghani Liwa Fatemiyoun.

On March 22, reliable sources reported that an unidentified drone targeted, this dawn, oil wells in Al-Bokamal desert in rural Deir Ezzor, near the Syria-Iraq border. According to SOHR sources the targeted wells have been rehabilitated by Iranian-backed militias, after they had been destroyed by ISIS during its control of the area. No further details have been reported yet about the number of casualties and material damage caused by the aerial attack.

On February 26, SOHR activists reported new airstrikes in the early hours of Friday morning on Iranian-backed militias in west Euphrates region. US fighter jets have targeted a weapons shipment affiliated to Iranian-backed Iraqi militias, while it was crossing into Syria from Iraq, at 01:00 am Syria time, near Al-Qa’em crossing in Al-Bokamal area in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. The airstrikes left great human and material losses, as SOHR activists have documented the death of 17 Iranian-backed Iraqi militiamen, specifically affiliated to Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, while, three trucks carrying ammunition were destroyed. It is worth noting that forces of the Iraqi Hezbollah are also stationed in the targeted area.

According to SOHR sources the Iranian forces and their proxy factions evacuated several posts and headquarters in Al-Bokamal immediately after the attack, where they redeployed in other positions for fear of being subjected to successive attacks.