The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Growing attack | Turkish and faction forces bombarded regime forces in southern Idlib and northwest Hama

Turkish artillery and factions of “al-Fatah al-Mubeen” have bombarded on Monday afternoon regime forces-held posts in Ma’saran, Gebala, al-Malagah, Ziatounah camp, Harsh, Kafrnubel and Ma’arat in south Idlib countryside, and Joureen camp, al-Haqourah, al-Manarah in Sahel al-Ghab northwest of Hama amid information about casualties. Meanwhile, regime forces in areas of Kansfarah, al-Barah, and Ariha in south Idlib countryside, and Kharabt al-Naqous in Sahl al-Ghab northwest Hama.

Earlier in the day, SOHR activists reported on Monday morning a rocket fire by the regime forces on areas in al-Rowiha and al-Barah southern Idlib countryside. The attacks on al-Barah have reached Turkish military position in the same village causing material losses without casualties have been reported yet. Meanwhile, regime forces have attacked with heavy machine guns frontlines in Sahl al-Ghab northwest of Hama.